Parkesdale Market- Shopify Website Redesign

Their Challenge:

Parkesdale Market came to us wanting to refresh their website and increase conversions for their online store. They are a mega cult-brand in Florida, getting thousands of worldwide visitors flocking to their market each year for their strawberry shortcake. It has gotten the praise of presidents like Obama, and Bush over the years who love Parkesdale shortcake and milkshakes.

They crush it in person, but wanted to increase their online sales, so they knew updating their website was top priority.

Our Approach:

The first thing I did was update their old outdated free shopify theme into a more sophisticated shopify theme that leveraged 2.0 capabilities. I focused their rdesign heavily on "humanizing" the website, including more visuals of their famous products and creating a visual experience of what it would be like to visit them in person, making a web visitor want to buy online. I added fresh photos, and video capturing all the famous features they have received in the past, including HGTV, and Food Network. I also honed in on their unque selling points and redid their copywriting on the Home Page. I restructed their product page template and recreated a new page for their strawberry shortcake since that is their hero product.

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Parkesdale's homepage, you'll be greeted by captivating lifestyle snapshots and engaging videos. Our website boasts SEO-optimized copy that not only informs but also inspires. Through a harmonious blend of colors and meticulous design, we aim to effortlessly convey the artisanal excellence and vibrant flavor profiles that define their brand and products.

 The site is fully responsive to provide an effective experience on mobile and desktop and everything in between.

Product pages are optimized for viewing and shopping on any device.



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