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Unleash the Power of Your Stunning Products Online with a Fresh Shopify Website – Crafted in Just ONE WEEK!!


Ditch those generic DIY templates that fail to resonate with your brand and personality. Embrace the confidence of a website that boldly reflects your unique brand and services.

Picture this: Your revamped website not only speaks your brand's language but also attracts visitors from search engines, ultimately translating into increased sales. Say hello to a digital storefront as unique as your business. Elevate your online presence – let's build a Shopify website that drives results!

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 Get ready for a website that's not just a pretty face – it's your 24/7 sales powerhouse, working its magic even while you catch those Zs.

Brace yourself for a surge in traffic and a boost in conversions that'll leave your competitors in the dust. Say goodbye to website envy once and for all!

Now, let me take a wild guess – every time you stumble upon a product-based business flaunting a jaw-dropping website, a twinge of inadequacy creeps in. You find yourself spending more time than you'd like to admit, admiring it from a distance. Your products deserve the spotlight, but alas, your current website isn't doing them justice, and it's costing you sales. Well, it's time to break free from that cycle!


Hey I'm Kerrie and I LOVE turning shitty websites into gorgeous ones. Not only do they look good but they actually convert into sales.

I not only understand the design and aesthetics that make up a good website but I am a marketing & conversion rate strategist, so I also understand all the nitty gritty components that turn a website into one that people actually buy from.  

If you listen to my podcast, you KNOW That I am obsessed with helping you get more sales. But that starts with your website my friend. Without a good website you dont make sales.

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I've Been Helping Build Shopify & Ecommerce Websites for Years Including My Own

Between my own product based business and working with clients, and teaching students inside my Shopify Website Conversion program, you could say I am a little obsessed with building incredible websites.

Check out a few websites I've created over the years. SWIPE THROUGH TO VIEW

The Goods

the foundations of your Shopify website built out! This is a fast turnaround time process, it's NOT a custom website which would cost 10X the price:) 

What's Included:

  •  Essential Pages: Home Page 

    Using your branding, images, any lifestyle images and copywriting.

  • One Product Page

    Built out in completion so you will be able to easily "duplicate it" and create the rest of your product pages in minutes

  • One Product Page TEMPLATE

    created using Shopify 2.0 so your product pages will convert at a higher level. THIS IS THE CREME DE LA CREME OF THE SERVICE

  • Video tutorials inside my mini course " shopify starter pack" so you know how to make updates in the future




What's Not Included:

  • Any custom coding. You will be required to buy a Shopify theme and I will use that theme to build out your website
Okay I'm Ready!

Transform your Shopify website in just one week to align perfectly with your brand, exude professionalism, and vividly tell your unique story. Our expertise ensures you sidestep common pitfalls, paving the way for an immediate boost in sales figures. Don't waste time on trial and error – let's fast-track your success!


Our Seamless Process

This starts with you completing the form below, if we think it's a good fit you are required to pay a 50% deposit before we schedule the website delivery date. 

  1. Strategic Planning: Prepare to embark on a journey tailored to your style and brand. You'll receive a comprehensive questionnaire to uncover the essence of your vision. Following my step-by-step walk guide, you'll seamlessly organize all your content, ensuring we have everything in place for the grand website finale in just one week. You will need to be sure to also send us your branding colors, fonts, logos and lifestyle images.

  2. Launch Day: This is the day the magic is happening behind the scenes, we are working hard to get your gorgeous website finished. 

  3. Grand Launch: Get ready for the grand finale! We'll fine-tune every aspect and seamlessly transfer your site, leaving you ready for an impressive launch. Your digital presence is about to reach new heights!

Hey I'm Kerrie - your product business BFF

Author, Speaker, Marketing Ninja, Website Snob, and hot sauce connoisseur, who loves binging The Office and is a total marketing nerd.


In 2016, I birthed my brainchild, The Dapper Dog Box, conceived on a sunlit day in 2016 while at the gym. What started as a mere idea swiftly evolved into a multi-six-figure sensation, boasting a legion of devoted customers utterly enamored with my brand. The ripple effect was real—I found myself featured in illustrious publications like Buzzfeed, Forbes, Business Insider, and even made it onto Mariah Carey's Christmas gift list.

Having scaled the business to nearly $500,000 in sales within a mere 2 years, I made the strategic decision to sell the business! 

I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of a well-crafted website, turning what might have been lackluster into a conversion machine.

Now, armed with the knowledge that it's entirely possible to cultivate a brand that's not just captivating and special but also visible and beloved—without the need for ads or endless hours on Instagram or TikTok—I'm here to share that wisdom. Let's turn your digital presence into a force to be reckoned with, just as I've done before!

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this is for you if....

  • You have a Shopify store and you're ready to level up and you're ready to invest in your business with a new website
  • You're an Etsy seller and you want to make the move to the dark side (Jk JK) to Shopify and you dont want to make a website from scratch.

The Result? 

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A Few Websites I've Built


Commonly Asked Questions

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