Google + Yahoo 2024 Email Sender Requirements

Google + Yahoo’s 2024 Sender Requirements


3 key Steps To Take Today ( and implement before Feb 1, 2024)

You can follow the 3 key steps to take here and look at the overview here as well. Below are specific links and videos for each key step

1.Verified sending domain

 ( business email) you add 2 Cname records and remove Gmail from your accounts

Set up a branded sending domain video 


  1. Setting DMARC record 

( wherever you host your domain) godaddy etc as example.  p=none 

Understand DMARC video

  1. Make it easy to unsubscribe. 

Klaviuyo will be adding an unsubscribe button at the top of all emails but they recommend you add an unsubscribe LINK to the body of your emails ( above the footer is  great place) and not rely on the footer unsubscribe.

  1. Need to keep spam complaints LOW

Aim to keep your spam rate below 0.1%. NO real action steps today but keep your eyes on your spam reports


FAQ’s from Klaviyo’s website directly.


Who will be impacted by these new requirements?

Everyone – especially bulk senders, or brands that send more than 5,000 emails per day. If these new requirements aren’t met, you'll start experiencing deliverability issues with emails sent to Google and Yahoo email addresses.

Want to learn more? Check out our guide for what these requirement changes mean for your business. 

Who will these changes affect?

These changes are positive for everybody: your subscribers will have a cleaner, less spammy inbox, your deliverability score is likely to go up, and the requirements will keep you following email marketing best practices.

What is a friendly “From” address?

This is simply the “From” address that most people are familiar with. It usually includes the email account name and the company email address.

What is a DNS provider? How can I look mine up if I don’t know it?

DNS providers—also called “registrars,” “web hosting,” or “domain hosting” companies—are the entities that allow you to add DNS records.

Typically, your domain is hosted by the company that you bought the domain from. Popular domain vendors include GoDaddy, Namecheap, and hostgator. If you’re not sure of yours, use MXToolbox DNS Lookup tool to find out.

Can I get help in a live session? ( klaviyo resource)

Yes, Klaviyo is offering office hours to help get you up to speed on the new requirements. These sessions will explain the new requirements and how they’ll impact brands. We’ll also have deliverability experts on hand to help answer your questions. Sign up for a session here.



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