From a Pandemic Hobby to Dreaming of a Taylor Swift’s Collab- With Maddie McNabb of Maddie About Cake | Ecommerce Society Podcast

From a Pandemic Hobby to Dreaming of a Taylor Swift’s Collab- With Maddie McNabb of Maddie About Cake

In episode 221 of the Ecommerce Society Podcast, we'll be in the delightful world of French macarons!

Our guest, Maddie McNabb, spills the beans on her journey to starting a tiny bakery.

With a background in higher education, Maddie found her love for baking during the pandemic. She shares how this passion turned into her micro bakery adventure.

Curious about how she made her bakery buzz?

Join Maddie as she talks about the delicate dance between baking and promoting. Hear her exciting plans for growing her business without losing that special touch.


  • Proper preparation and setup are crucial for the success of a business.

  • Studying successful business models can provide valuable insights and inspiration.

  • Having a dream or goal for the business can drive motivation and ambition.

  • Collaborating with influential figures or becoming a go-to brand for celebrities can significantly boost a business's visibility and success.

  • Learning from the success stories of other businesses can provide valuable lessons and inspiration.

  • Consumables, such as macarons, make great gifts as they leave no clutter behind.

Ready to dive into the world of macaron dreams and entrepreneurial wisdom? Hit play on the latest E-commerce Society podcast episode now!

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