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Agency style done for you services, online courses, in person retreats and masterminds, all designed to help you make more sales, profits and drive more traffic to your online store.

My mission and dream

to help founders (like you) create and scale the world's most magnetic and cult-like brands and turn them into fu$$ing empires. Ones with a powerful story, an extraordinary visibility achieved without relying on social media or advertising
I truly believe there's space for everyone to create a brand your people are obsessed with.

-Kerrie Fitzgerald

Hey I'm Kerrie - Your Product Business Hypegirl

Author, Speaker, Marketing Ninja, Website Snob, and hot sauce connoisseur, who loves binging The Office and is a total marketing nerd.


In 2016, I birthed my brainchild, The Dapper Dog Box, conceived on a sunlit day in 2016 while at the gym. What started as a mere idea swiftly evolved into a multi-six-figure sensation, boasting a legion of devoted customers utterly enamored with my brand. The ripple effect was real—I found myself featured in illustrious publications like Buzzfeed, Forbes, Business Insider, and even made it onto Mariah Carey's Christmas gift list.

Having scaled the business to nearly $500,000 in sales within a mere 2 years, I made the strategic decision to sell the business! 

Now, armed with the knowledge that it's entirely possible to cultivate a brand that's not just captivating and special but also visible and beloved—without the need for ads or endless hours on Instagram or TikTok—I'm here to share that wisdom. Let's turn your digital presence into a force to be reckoned with, just as I've done before!

Ecomerce Society Services

We offer done for you agency style services, self study courses and our signature program- The Cultish Product- now restructured as a 6 month mastermind, the best way to work with Kerrie directly.
Pick Your Poison.

The Mastermind- Cultish Product


Join The Waitlist For The Cultish Product Mastermind

A 6-month mastermind and coaching program to help established product-based brands reach cult-like status, increased visibility, more sales & gain die-hard loyal customers without an ounce of social media

Join waitlist for January 2024 intake. 


Self Study Courses

Ecommerce Email Mastery

The perfect ecommerce email 101 course.

A step-by-step system for  e-commerce businesses so you can finally MASTER EMAIL MARKETING and turn email into your #1 revenue driver.

from list building to mastering the art of making passive income through strategic automations, to knowing how to create weekly promotional campaigns and everything in between. Let's turn those emails into a revenue powerhouse! 💰📧


Shopify Website Converter 

Instantly improve & optimize your bread & butter of your ecommerce business- your website.

This self paced course covers everything you need to improve your Shopify online store's website conversion and customer experience, so you can make more sales. From positioning your products to the perfect website design to creating powerhouse product pages and conversion boosters to scale every sale. Turn website visitors into chachings,


Ecommerce Sales Academy

If you're looking for that all inclusive and foundational ecommerce brand "bible" this is it.

Your direct roadmap to increasing your sales, marketing and traffic, for your online store. A step-by-step self paced course to help you get to the finish line a little faster.
Perfect for the for the new or struggling e-commerce shop. 

100% self paced, video lessons, start today for $200+


Agency- Done For You Services

Website In A Day

Unleash the Power of Your Stunning Products Online with a Fresh Shopify Website – Crafted in Just ONE DAY!!

Your website has the power to either MAKE or BREAK your entire business. Dont settle for aa shitty site and let us do it for you, in one day:) 


Email Automations ( coming soon)

Done for you email workflows & automations

Say hello to making money from email marketing while you're sleeping and doing other fun things. Email automations are the holy grail of email marketing and we will write, create and set them up for you in Klaviyo.

Launching soon, join the waitlist to get notified when we launch.


Start Your Ecommerce Store & Brand (coming soon)

 A business in a box if you will! You likely have an idea for a product but have zero clue how or where to get started. Let us help you!

Launching soon, add your name to the waitlist to get notified when we officially launch this bad boy of a service 

The Podcast

The Ecommerce Society Podcast

Ready to learn? Binge listen to The 6 Figure Product Business Podcast for all things marketing, sales and growth in the e-commerce and physical product space. Top 100 in USA Marketing  

Dive into weekly episodes where you'll learn from Kerrie and incredible mentors who’ve started, launched and scaled their own ecommerce product based businesses and want to share all their secrets with you. 

We talk about alllll the things and hold nothing back. Authentic, Real & Fluff Free are a few words I'd use to describe the podcast. 

Tune in today! 


Free Resources To Get You Started


The Power of Your Story & Roadmap To Create Your Cult Like Brand- private podcast series

Infuse your story and purposeful mission to create that rock solid connection and turn browsers into buyers. 




Shopify Store Checklist & Cheatsheet

This FREE Guide Reveals 9 Simple Steps To Build Your Shopify Store In Just A Few Days (Or Less)



Make Money From Your Email List TODAY with These 4 Essential Emails

 In this FREE video training I walk you through the essential emails you need to start making money from your email list today. Time to Leverage the power of email marketing



Expand Your Brand and Add Powerful Revenue Generating Streams With A Physical Product 

 In this FREE video training I walk you through the 3 types of product based businesses you can start today. 



4 Steps To Nailing Your Subscription Box Idea 

To Create and Launch a Profitable Subscription Box Business Your Ideal Customer is Dying To Buy

 In this FREE video training I walk you through the essential 4 steps you need to nail your best and profitable idea for a subscription box business