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If Your Online Store Isn't Optimized, It's Costing You Money Every Month!

But no matter how long you stare at it, you can’t figure out HOW to improve it, and have zero clue how to make it look and work better!


You're also WONDERING HOW do I make sure I don't throw money away during the busiest quarter of the year because my website isnt set up to capture ALL the sales that could be rolling in.

this is so me!
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You have an awesome brand & product, but you're struggling to sell your products

You likely know your website needs some TLC but you don't know how to fix it

You are desperate to get more products sold but nothing seems to be working on your website

You want a gorgeous website you're proud of but you know you cant afford a website developer  because, well - $$$


WHAT IF you were given the exact blueprint to improve the customer experience on your website – which in turn will increase your website conversion rate and help you sell more products!

so you could

  • Reduce all those pesky website decisions ( What do I fix, How to fix it, Who do I hire)
  • Create an incredible customer experience so people are dying to whip out their credit cards and buy your products
  • Not have to spend a million dollars with web developers
  • overwhelm Avoid making expensive mistakes with website developers
  • Feel PROUD AF to show off your gorgeous website




Shopify Website Converter



This self paced course covers everything

you need to improve your website conversion and customer experience, so you can make more sales




why would you settle for a shitty one?

You can literally drive alllll the traffic in the world, but if your website is crap, you will get no sales

You + Shopify Website Converter = everything you need to improve your website conversion and therefore drive in more sales.



What’s included:


Instant Access to ShopifyWebsite Converter Program & Pre-Recorded Training Videos 

Short & snappy video modules that walk you through step-by-step the entire way! 

Each lesson includes workbooks, blueprints or worksheets to help you along the way.


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Lesson 1- How To Position Your Products To Be Irresistible

One of the BIGGEST mistakes I see online shops making is that you’re trying to sell your products by focusing ONLY on features but you are missing the most important thing- what problem does your product solve? How does it make them feel after they use your product?-That is the secret sauce to selling a physical product. We dive into your transformational sell (where you focus on selling the transformation your product does and the solution it creates). Let’s make your product & brand the STAR & HERO.

  • Get clear on your product solution and why people need it 
  • Essential ways to build trust
  • lifestyle images & product photography


Lesson 2- The Winning Website Layout 

Your website is the ENGINE of your business. This is where you turn visitors into paying customers. We want to design beautiful website pages that convert customers with ease and build enough trust so they feel confident whipping out their credit card to pay you.

  • Website Home Page Wireframes & Formats ( what every home page needs, and how to build it)
  • Menu & navigation formatting to make ti easy for people to find your product easily

Lesson 3- The Perfect Product Page

Your product pages are the most essential parts of your website. You need to convey the solution your product solves, in addition to making your product seem IRRESISTIBLE. Product photos, product descriptions play a key part in your conversion. Let’s create impeccable product photography and story-telling infused descriptions that sell for you. 

  • Best practices (descriptions, images, layout, buttons)
  • Copywriting tips & scripts to plug & play
  • How to persuade customers to buy
  • Examples of amazing product pages

Lesson 4- Conversion Boosters

There are lots of easy things you can implement to not only make more money pear sale but get them to come back again and again with ease.

  • Best apps to increase average order value, upsells & cross-sells, and boost conversions. 
  • Identify problem areas that are leading to customer abandonment.
  • Nail your checkout page to maximize conversions and not repel

Bonus Lessons:

  • How to monitor why people arent buying
  • Shopify 2.0 pages
  • How to get the best lifestyle photography

You before this program

  • Completely unsure how to fix your website so it actually converts for you
  • Unclear how to leverage your site and generate sales
  • Convinced you need to hire a fancy & expensive developer to get a gorgeous website that converts
  • Embarrassed to show your website to friends & family because you know it needs a lot of work

You After this program

  • You know the step-by-step to fixing the problems on your website
  • Easily identify ways to generate sales with upsells, shopify apps and other tricks
  • Confident in yourself that YOU can fix your website for FREE without an expensive dev 
  • So pumped to show off your website and confident in its ability to sell for you
I'm Ready

Here's What Others Are Saying...

Kerrie will be your BIGGEST cheerleader. She gave me the tools for success and always made me feel like a priority

Leanne Baum

Pure Earth Pets

Kerrie is so trust worthy, kind, generous with her time and I am completely grateful to her.

Annie Taylor

Annie Taylor Design Shop

Hey I'm Kerrie - your product business BFF

Boy mom, crazy dog obsessed, coffee lover, hot sauce connoisseur, who loves binging The Office and is a total marketing nerd.

In 2016 I started a subscription box & e-commerce business called The Dapper Dog Box. I had NO clue what I was doing but I had the determination to figure it out and that's what I did.

Before I knew it, my little subscription box business idea I got at the gym transitioned into one of the most popular pet subscription boxes, an engaged social media community and a loyal base of incredible superfan customers. I absolutely love what I do, and wake up every day excited to help you build your dream product-based businesses.

Over the last 5+ years, I've been able to turn a small start in the product space into opportunities bigger than my wildest dreams. 

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Wait, what's included again?


Instant Access to Shopify Website Converter Program & Pre-Recorded Training Videos 

Short & snappy video modules that walk you through step-by-step the entire way! 

Each lesson includes workbooks, blueprints or worksheets to help you along the way.


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1. You’ll receive an email from me happily welcoming you to the program and you get instant access to the program and materials YAY!



Here's What Others Are Saying About Working With Me...

Kerrie genuinely cares about the members and is constantly asking for member input to help us all grow! I have not had one regret in joining and investing in myself and my business!


Noura Blanc Candles

Kerrie is so generous with her time and individualized advice I can’t even believe it. Being surrounded by other women in the group who are willing to share, brainstorm and cheer you on is priceless. 


 Avalon Sunshine

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  • Instant Access to The Shopify Website Converter Program & Pre-Recorded Training Videos