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Learn How To Create & Launch Your Shopify Online Store In Just A Few Days


....without the help of a developer or agency

this is so me!

I understand the struggle of trying to figure out all the ins-and-outs of Shopify, the backend stuff like setting up shipping, taxes, integrating your email and let's not forget creating the website. It's a LOT! 


Have you gone cross-eyed just trying to figure out how the hell to set up your shopify store? Or Felt:

  •  Overwhelmed by the gazillion pieces of the Shopify puzzle YOU need to figure out how to set up
  • Confused AF as how to create a website ( what theme to choose, how to edit, how to make the branding coordinated and everything else in between)
  • How to set up pesky things like your shipping rules, tax integration, or even adding your email marketing forms....
  • Frustrated because you feel like you don't have the patience to set up your store and you might never launch your dream brand because of it.

A step-by-step process of how to set up a Shopify store & website from someone who has launched multiple 6 & 7 figure stores (my own and client shops), is the solution to your problem. 


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Why You Need This:

  •  You will get the step-by-step roadmap on how to set up your Shopify store from A-Z, so you can actually focus on your brand launch and stop wasting so much time fiddling around trying to figure out Shopify.
  • I start with a blank slate and show you step-by-step how I would set up a store & website using a "baby blanket" brand as an example. You will get to see real life examples. I set up this "sample" store from A-Z in the video lessons. This helps for you to see how I turn a blank slate into a gorgeous website and fully functioning online store so you can replicate the same with ease. 
  • You can stop spending all day on shopify help forums, watching endless youtube videos and trying to piece startegies together that wont work, and will just leave you frustrated and exhausted. 




The Shopify Starter Pack

Set up your online store & website in just a few days


You before this program

  • Stuck staring at your website for hours unsure what to tweak
  • Considering expensive website make overs with agencies but worried about the cost
  • Lacking in clear direction on how to fix your sales
  • Worried about how to generate cash from the stock you already have

You After this program

  • Exact strategies to fix your website design and conversion
  • Knowledge of ways you can entice more sales on your website
  • Bright ideas on how to use social proof to sell for you
  • A clear understanding of the steps to get your new strategies implemented
I'm Ready

Here's What Others Are Saying...

Kerrie will be your BIGGEST cheerleader. She gave me the tools for success and always made me feel like a priority

Leanne Baum

Pure Earth Pets

Kerrie is so trust worthy, kind, generous with her time and I am completely grateful to her.

Annie Taylor

Annie Taylor Design Shop


What’s included:


2 Modules 

with 30+ video walkthroughs showing you step-by-step how to create, set up, and launch your Shopify account and store and how to design the ultimate website to maximize your sales.


3 Juicy Bonus Lessons

featuring some of my best tips on how to find your ideal customer, create scroll stopping product photos, and how to prep for a photoshoot.


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Hey I'm Kerrie - your product business BFF

Boy mom, crazy dog obsessed, coffee lover, hot sauce connoisseur, who loves binging The Office and is a total marketing nerd.

In 2016 I started a subscription box & e-commerce business called The Dapper Dog Box. I had NO clue what I was doing but I had the determination to figure it out and that's what I did.

Before I knew it, my little subscription box business idea I got at the gym transitioned into one of the most popular pet subscription boxes, an engaged social media community and a loyal base of incredible superfan customers. I absolutely love what I do, and wake up every day excited to help you build your dream product-based businesses.

Over the last 5+ years, I've been able to turn a small start in the product space into opportunities bigger than my wildest dreams. 

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Here's What Others Are Saying About Working With Me...

Kerrie genuinely cares about the members and is constantly asking for member input to help us all grow! I have not had one regret in joining and investing in myself and my business!


Noura Blanc Candles

Kerrie is so generous with her time and individualized advice I can’t even believe it. Being surrounded by other women in the group who are willing to share, brainstorm and cheer you on is priceless. 


 Avalon Sunshine

Commonly Asked Questions

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Level Up Your Shopify Store 

Why wait? Grab this course at this no brainer price NOW!

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One time payment

  • 30+ Pre-Recorded Video Walkthrough Lessons 

  • 3 Bonus Lessons