Secret-I created my packaging design exclusively for social media.

I knew when I launched my first business, The Dapper Dog Box, back in 2016, I had to have stellar, scroll stopping packaging. I knew that in order to stand out against a sea of competitors with boring packaging, I had to have crazy good packaging. So I got to work.

Having solid packaging isn't important, it's essential. 

Below, you can scroll through to see images of my original packaging verse the upgraded packaging. 

This design was the original design for The Dapper Dog Box. It was plain and simple. It was great for starter packaging.



One Year After I Launched My Business: My New & Improved Packaging 

I spent an enormous amount of time crafting the perfect unboxing experience. One that would stop the scroll on social media, one that included call to actions for my customers to do things for my business and one that would evoke joy & excitement when my customer opened it.

This packaging changed my business and instantly had a direct correlation on an increase of sales, increase of UGC from customers and a massive increase in customers sharing my product with friends and family. It was a winner! 




Which one would you rather have arrive at your doorstep?