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Email Marketing Automations & Setup


If you're ready to turn email marketing into a money making machine for your business but have ZERO interest in doing it yourself- this is for you.

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Stop Leaving Money On The Table By Not Having A Solid Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful marketing & sales channels you need to be using for your e-commerce business. From generating sales in your sleep, to building relationships with customers and having a solid place to communicate with your audience that YOU OWN! 

Email is what you are missing.

but let's be real.

Trying To Figure Out This Whole "email marketing thing" All Alone- Totally Sucks.

Email Marketing can change your business....

It can change the way you communicate with your customers, and change the way you make money (like in your sleep!) When you know HOW to use email marketing, you can get your customers to buy MORE, Get them to connect with your brand, make money in your sleep and turn leads into hungry buyers.

stop leaving so much money on the table and lets put it in your pockets

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Wouldn't It be Nice If.....


#1 You got more sales while you were sleeping - no this is not a joke

Your email automations are completely set up so when you are sleeping, walking your dog or taking your kids to the beach- email is making money for you.

#2 You could have reliable revenue coming your way

Between your email automations, your new templates, and having a solid strategy for weekly emails, your emails are working for you and not the other way around

#3 You didnt have to ask yourself "what do I send to my list"

With your custom made templates, and personalized strategy, you now know what to send to your list. Lets not forget your amazing welcome sequence that welcomes every new person joining your email list and works to convert them into a dreamy new buyer of your product

...... there is a solution waiting for you! 


Email Marketing Automations & Set Up (Done in a Day)

done for you email automations with your very own email marketing ninja
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What's Included:

{full creation and set up so you walk away with a fully functioning automation funnel ready to make you loads of $$$$}


#1 Three Essential Email Automations & Flows


Welcome Sequence

Nurture those new email subscribers and turn them into buyers (up to 6 emails)

Post Purchase

Turn those buyers into your customer superfans (more sales, more UGC, more reviews) and so much more. (Up to 7 emails)

Cart Abandonment

Recover those lost sales and get them to complete their purchase (up to 4 emails)



#2 Klaviyo Email Automation Setup 

We take your written emails for your automations and set them up inside Klaviyo. Each automation will have set triggers and everything will be tested before we hand it over.


#3 Klaviyo To Shopify Setup & Integration Training

** if you don't have Klaviyo email marketing

Since we only work with Klaviyo, we will send you a video that walks you through how to setup your Klaviyo with Shopify so they 100% integrate. We will take over from there.



Click here to fill out an application.


You receive an email with an invoice, contract and 50% deposit to secure your spot.


Once you pay your invoice, we will send you some homework to get started. You fill out a brand guide, and start filling out the "bones" of the email templates.


We hop on a 60 minute call and walk through your information, so I have a super solid understanding of your business, needs and customer journey


I take the email automations and present toi you the morning of the VIP day. Then you can review, send me any changes and I will work on these and deliver by 2 pm PST. By the end of the day your email automations are live and working! cha ching.


The Magical Results That Can Come From Email Marketing


Hey I'm Kerrie - your product business BFF

Boy mom, crazy dog obsessed, coffee lover, hot sauce connoisseur, who loves binging The Office and is a total marketing nerd.

In 2016 I started a subscription box & e-commerce business called The Dapper Dog Box. I had NO clue what I was doing but I had the determination to figure it out and that's what I did.

Before I knew it, my little subscription box business idea I got at the gym transitioned into one of the most popular pet subscription boxes, an engaged social media community and a loyal base of incredible superfan customers. I absolutely love what I do, and wake up every day excited to help you build your dream product-based businesses.

Over the last 5+ years, I've been able to turn a small start in the product space into opportunities bigger than my wildest dreams. 

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Here's What Others Are Saying about working with me...

Erica- CEO Avalon Sunshine

Since joining the E-Commerce Society, I have learned an incredible amount of specific and actionable tactics to improve my business.  I have implemented changes and for the first time ever, I’m proud of what my website home page looks like.  Kerrie is so generous with her time and individualized advice I can’t even believe it. Being surrounded by other women in the group who are willing to share, brainstorm and cheer you on is priceless.  I look forward to the live trainings and office hours for immediate feedback almost every week.   

I can’t say enough good things about being part of this membership group.

Chasity-CEO Noura Blanc


The E-Commerce Society is such an amazing community  to be a part of. There are always answers to questions and first hand experience offered when I need it and it’s great to have the support and constant educational resources available in one place that I know I can count on. I love the feedback I can get and the relationships I’ve been able to make as a member. Kerrie genuinely cares about the members and is constantly asking for member input to help us all grow! I have not had one regret in joining and investing in myself and my business!

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