The Rise of Organic Marketing-How To Grow Your Subscription Box or Ecommerce Business in 2022 Without Ads

The Rise of Organic Marketing-How To Grow Your Subscription Box or Ecommerce Business in 2022 Without Ads

4 Ways Organic Marketing is the Future of Ecommerce and Subscription Box Businesses. How To Bulletproof Your E-Commerce and Subscription Box Business in 2022 and Beyond

Since the IOS update of 2021 has majorly impacted ads and how much they can actually reach customers. Focusing on your organic strategy will truly be the way to set your business up for long term success, so you never have to rely on ads to get customers.

Here are 4 ways you can bulletproof your Ecommerce and sub box business with organic marketing strategies

You need:

  • One social channel to create that fire like connect with your audience and customers
  • One content channel that helps you show up in google ( Blog or YT)
  • A website that continues to drive free traffic over time ( SEO)
  • One marketing and sales channel that you 100% control- email…

Grab a coffee, let’s get into it. 

Content Creation ( Blogs or Youtube)

These are pieces of content that stand the time against google search. With % of searches starting in google, it’s imperative that you are creating content for the search engine. This can be as simple as a weekly blog post or weekly YouTube video. This is what helps your content/blog/website show up on google when your ideal customer is there searching for something. 

In 2016, for my subscription box business The Dapper Dog Box, I wrote a blog post on “ the five best dog toys for golden doodles.” Over the next two years that blog post grew to a #1 google page 1 feature, driving 20,000+ website visitors to my business each year. THAT is the power and strength of creating a piece of content for google and watching the magic happen with free traffic. 

Leveraging SEO

Make your website show up on google - period. Like blogging above, when you optimize your website ( with keywords your people use to find you or your products) you allow google to show your business to the exact right people at the exact right time they are searching. SEO is a long haul game but by committing to it today, it will help your business show up for years to come. There is no better traffic driver than by implementing simple on page SEO changes to your website.

Example, On page SEO is adding keywords to your pages ( titles and descriptions), this helps inform google about what your business is. 

Example, you are an organic skincare brand and you sell natural facial oils. You would title your website as such.

TITLE: { Organic & Natural Skincare} | { Brand Name} 

Then you add a short description of your business, who you serve and what you sell.


{ Brand Name} Is an all natural skincare and facial oil company based in Los Angeles. Our organic and all natural products are made small batch in the USA and are non toxic, organic and 100% all natural skincare products. Grab yourself a { Brand Name} product today, free shipping on all orders.

Most businesses leave both the title and meta descriptions blank, which means you are giving zero information to google about what your business is. 

By making these small tweaks you will see more traffic over time for specific searches. 

SEO is a fancy way of saying, search engine optimization…. In a simple form, this means making simple changes to your website so google knows exactly what you sell and who its for, so when people search for something on google, you show up. 

Social Media

Social media gives you the chance to connect with your audience/followers, create loyalty with your customers and engage with people. YOU become a brand and not a business by showing up, telling your story, showing your face and creating content that both nurtures educates and inspires your audience. 

When yo show your authentic self, you create trust with your audience and that will always lead into a sale! We buy from those we like, know and trust and social media is one of the easiest places to establish that rapport.

Your focus should be doubling down on ONE platform ( not 4) and choose the one that either works best for you to date or the one that your ideal customer spends time on. For me, the easiest is Instagram….. but if you like making videos, Tiktok is moving up in the ranks and video is everything when it comes to conversion.

If you want to grab a few of my trusted content ideas for instagram or tiktok, click here to grab 36 FREE content ideas.

Email Marketing

Saving the best for last. Email marketing is the most under utilized, most mis understood marketing and sales channel out there. Email should account for 30%+ of your total revenue, so if its not, you are missing an opportunity my friend. 

For email marketing you need a few things.

You need a host ( I prefer Klaviyo for product based businesses and my number 2 is Flodesk, simply for the ease of getting started. You can grab 50% off your Flodesk service each month by clicking here.

You want to create a plan of action so you send emails consistently to your email list. This keeps you top of mind.

Once you start emailing your list consistency, you can start creating the bigger things like automations/sequences so you can truly make money from email marketing while you sleep.


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