I Launched a Podcast for Subscription Box and E-Commerce Businesses

I Launched a Podcast for Subscription Box and E-Commerce Businesses

This has been a dream of mine for years and it's finally here. I am pleased to announce The 6 Figure Product Business Podcast! This podcast is for subscription box and e-commerce businesses who want the secret sauce and actionable steps to grow customers, revenue and scale their business.

I started, scaled and a sold a successful multi 6 figure e-commerce business and now I love teaching entrepreneurs like you how to start, grow and scale your dream product business. I'm obsessed with all things Marketing, E-commerce, and Business I can’t wait to share all my secrets with you!

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Each week you will learn step-by-step actionable strategies to help you scale to the next level in your business, skyrocket your sales, traffic, reach more customers and gain greater visibility in your business and create your customer superfans. 

If you’re thinking of starting your ecommerce or subscription box business and have no idea how or where to get started, we will cover the roadmap and logistics on how to create and launch your business with ease… so you’re set up to make sales on day 1 and /scale grow your business with my ninja marketing strategies …. that have worked for myself and my clients

We’ll also include amazing entrepreneurs and online shop owners from shopify, cratejoy, etsy and amazon, to share their product biz success stories to give you tangible strategies you can implement today to make huge waves in your business.

Because I know you don’t want to waste your time or energy trying to figure it all out on your own, but want the business growth roadmap so you can create a profitable product business, that gives you a life you love.

Whether you are thinking of starting a product biz or scaling yours, this podcast is the secret sauce to making those dreams come true.  

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