Why Email Marketing Needs To Be Part Of Your 2023 Ecommerce Business Strategy

Why Email Marketing Needs To Be Part Of Your 2023 Ecommerce Business Strategy

Why email marketing needs to be a huge part of your strategy for 2023 as a e-commerce or a product base business the number one reason is because you on your email list your email list is an old form of marketing where most other marketing is not oh means it could be taken away from you but could be shut down it could be removed that

And you wanna always focus on things that you can control and when you're putting all of your eggs into the social media basket you were giving up so much control of your business so let's look at social media as an example here most people put all of their time energy and effort into growing their business on Instagram they think Instagram is the only way to grow product based business when in fact it's a tiny portion of how to grow product based business and what happens with Instagram is there's two big reasons why focusing all of your effort on Instagram or TikTok is a huge mistake one is you don't have those channels so I know of so many people whose accounts have been shut down turned off deactivated and hacked by someone and they've never gotten them back I've seen people lose Instagram accounts with 13,000 followers 20,000 followers 100,000 followers and literally when that happens they say my business is over because I have no other way to get customers and I want you to really ask yourself right now and give yourself some honest thought here if you if your Instagram was turned off today what would your business look like tomorrow would you even have a business left and I want that to feel like sobering to you because it should be and I'm not saying this to scare you I'm not saying it to be an asshole but you need to be aware that social media is borrowed territory it's borrowed real estate it's not yours and it can be taken away the second reason why it's really important not to alter energy into social media is right now the landscape of Instagram has changed drastically over the last two years they have gone from being this like find a platform where you can just post bit post photos and stock photos not really have to show your face not have to do anything like that you'll get followers and over the last two years they have dramatically change the platforms so much so that today the platform for most people is not effective anymore like Instagram has plummeted in terms of reach for people it has plummeted in terms of getting to followers it is plummeted in the context of selling your products and Instagram has changed their their format they want to video now so if you are not it's like going all in not only an Instagram but going in on video reels every single day your account is becoming obsolete and again what I see from being a coach from being an educator from having my own Parkos business Instagram is very volatile right now and if you're lying or not to be your source of revenue for your business or making a huge mistake and then the other part of that is tick-tock tick-tock is where it's at in terms of social media so if you were if I was gonna start a party based business today I don't even know if I would have an Instagram I would go right into TikTok and double the fuck down on TikTok however tick-tock is still a new channel like we don't know the direction it's going to head and even that platform changes quite often and with her you know what concept they want and so for you as a business owner so you don't wanna do video all the time you don't want to always have to show your face tick-tock might be hard for you and so this is one of the biggest reasons why email marketing needs to be a priority for people like you is that again Instagram and TikTok are Instagram is very unreliable right now and very ineffective and to social media you don't know so you don't own it you will lose control and I can be taken away from you overnight so that's one of the biggest reasons the other reason is that email marketing is a huge opportunity to make essentially like passive income so I'ma marketing there's a thing called email sequences that you can set up they're called sequences are automations and they can be created and set up through your email marketing platform and they worth basically for you while you sleep to get customers to sell products to recover lost sales and nurture your email like nurture your customers so they're very very effective because you create than one session bop ones and then he just works for you

And for you you have a big opportunity because that means you have an utilize you being a marketing enough and for you at this opportunity to make money now so with your email animations you can set up these three core workflows where you will take someone from a lead to a customer you can take some on that went through your whole website went to buy something and then never checked out you can recover some of those loss cells and then lastly you can nurture your customers who have purchased from you so instead of when they buy from you you're like OK thanks you nurture them with a series of emails that gets them to feel connected to your brand gets them to buy more from you get some to join your loyalty programs order affiliate program or a referral program it gets them to buy more products from you so this is the

This is the sheer power of evil marketing is that you can create all those three sequences one time set them up through email and essentially like when someone joins your email it

Email marketing is one of the most low maintenance Which means there's opportunity for you so those are some reasons why email marketing needs a part

Needs to be part of your 2023 strategy because you can make so much money minimal time and minimal effort passive income and just a great way to supplement your income coming in so if something does ever happen to social media you aren't your business is that screwed you have your email list you on your email list