How to Create a Thriving Ecommerce Community 6 Tips From Liz Williams of High Tail Hikes - 6 figure product business podcast

How to Create a Thriving Ecommerce Community: 6 Tips From Liz Williams of High Tail Hikes

In episode 176 of "The 6 Figure Product Business Podcast", Liz Williams, the owner of High Tail Hikes, a handmade product business and professional dog walking company, shares her expertise on building a community around your brand and building customer and brand loyalty through clear brand values.

Liz specializes in creating waterproof leashes, collars, and other dog walking accessories, as well as curating enrichment items and other goods for dogs. She is also an advocate for positive reinforcement dog training.

During the podcast, Liz explains the importance of creating a community that shares your passion and values. She shares practical tips on how to invite customers to be a part of the business, including how to create a personalized customer experience and the benefits of using social media to engage with your customers.

Liz emphasizes the importance of identifying and connecting with customers who are most likely to become loyal brand advocates. She also shares how clear brand values can help build customer loyalty and explains how she incorporates her values into every aspect of her business.

By listening to this episode, entrepreneurs and business owners can learn valuable insights on how to build a successful product business and create a loyal customer following. So tune in to "The 6 Figure Product Business Podcast" and learn how to build a community and brand loyalty with Liz Williams of High Tail Hikes!

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