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The Blog That Gave Me Thousands of Monthly Page Views on Google

Kerrie Fitzgerald

Today I’ll be sharing my top 5 secrets to implementing easy SEO strategies to help get you page 1 rankings on google.

Getting on page 1 of google is not easy. Getting the #1 result, on page 1 of google is REALLY hard. It takes hard work, strategy, an understanding of SEO and how to implement it. SEO is interesting because its not something you can change overnight- it can take months to see changes so you have to be patient. 

Through SEO initiatives, increases in valuable backlinks, keyword research and producing strategic blog content, I got a #1 ranking on google for the keyword search term “Toys For Goldendoodles,” and “Best Toys for Goldendoodles.” I outranked Barkbox, a company that has produced tremendous amount of content in their 9 years in business and millions in funding (a huge feat)!

The Dapper Dog Box blog post that got us the #1 ranking was my most successful post, “10 Best Toys for Goldendoodles and Labradoodles.” Because of the #1 ranking on google, this blog brought in more than 8,000 hits of organic traffic to the Dapper Dog Box website in one year.

How to rank on page 1 of google with SEO tips Marketing By Kerrie
How i created page 1 rankings on google with SEO strategies marketing by kerrie
Traffic from The Blog Post- 10 Best Toys for Goldendoodles and Labradoodles, which ranked #1 on google

Here are my SEO Secrets:

Optimized Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

The page title should accurately describe the content, be descriptive and brief. If there are words you are trying to rank for that are relevant to the content, make sure to add them. The meta description is a longer description of the content. You have around 150 characters. Be descriptive and make it appealing so your users will click to open the link. Below is is an example of a page title that describes this blog post. HOW TO RANK ON PAGE 1 OF GOOGLE | SEO

Keyword Research

The rule of thumb is that you want to write about content your ideal customer is searching for. There are plenty of tools you can try out to do some basic keyword research, for example my favorite is SEM RUSH. These tools will tell you the monthly volume of what people are searching for on google.

Image Optimization

Optimized Image: Your images should always have an optimized title, such as Goldendoodle-dog-toy.jpg. They should not be saved as photo123.jpg. Make sure you add the name of your product too. 

Alt Text: Make sure you are doing this, its key to SEO. On each image you add to your website, you can edit the photo to add alt text. Use this to describe the image and feel free to throw in key words you want to rank for (as long as its relevant to the photo)


Backlinks are when one website links to another website. The link to an external website is a backlink.Backlinks to your website are a signal to search engines that others vouch for your content. As a way to get high quality add valuable backlinks, I signed up with an affiliate marketing platform called Sharesale.

Within one year of this platform, I acquired hundreds of valuable backlinks from websites like Buzzfeed, The Dodo, Forbes and more. For more on how affiliate marketing fueled my subscription box business, click here.

Brought to you by Marketing By Kerrie, a Seattle based marketing agency that helps ecommerce and subscription box business grow with smarter marketing.

Do you Have any Winning Strategies for SEO + Page 1 Google Success? Drop a Comment Below!


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